Values – Explanation

1. Worship – God comes to us with his gifts of forgiveness and life. After receiving his gifts we respond in various ways: thankfulness, faithfulness, love, prayer, etc.
a. Word and Sacraments – As a Lutheran congregation, we recognize and cherish that God comes to us in Jesus Christ through his Word and in the visible means of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper
b. Liturgy – We value that our corporate worship together follows a pattern of God coming to us; and we, his people, responding to him. We value patterns of worship that are historically grounded as we do not worship alone, but with the whole body of Christ, past and present.
c. Prayer – As people called by Christ, one of our responses in life is prayer. As Jesus has given us access to the Father, we pray for each other, the Church at large, the people in our communities, and the rest of the world. Prayer is not a means to ministry, but a form of ministry.

2. Family – God values family, both as individual family units, and as the family of Christ, that is the Church.
a. Individual Family Units – We value the importance of the family unit, created by God, for the sake of His creation, and seek to support the families in our congregation.
b. Congregation (The Church) – God, the Father of Jesus Christ is now our Father, as the work of the Son has adopted us into this family. We are all, therefore, brothers and sisters in Christ, joined by the Holy Spirit in Baptism.
c. Fellowship – We strive to live according to the fellowship of the Spirit which is given to us as a gift. We spend time together as a family in Christ, recognizing that God supports us and cares for us through each other.

3. Community – We are concerned for the well-being of all people, for all people were created by God, but we are especially concerned for those in our local communities, as God has intentionally located us in places and situations to do good works in their lives.
a. Volunteerism – We see the importance of intentionally providing opportunities to work together in our communities through various projects, events, and tasks.
b. Service – As a family in Christ, which is provided for by its heavenly Father, we give of ourselves for the sake of others, seeking to serve those around us in love.

4. Evangelism – This is specifically the proclamation of the death and resurrection of Jesus, which brings the lost into the family of Christ.
a. Education – We recognize the importance of learning how to share our faith verbally with those who are lost.
b. Opportunities – We value creating opportunities to share the death and resurrection of Jesus with others.

5. Education – We value continuing education for all ages and levels as we recognize Scripture to be the Word of God, given to us his people.
a. Scriptural – One way we grow as God’s people is through the reading and study of God’s Word as given to us in Scripture, for the Scriptures are centered on Christ himself.
b. Practical – Our education is not simply for the sake of knowledge, but rather that our hope might rest securely in Jesus Christ, and that our lives might be lived in accordance with his will. God is not only concerned about right thinking, but right living